What is LlamaJoy?

LlamaJoy is an experience based in historic Old Noarlunga, South Australia. Founded by local artist and adventurer Sherilee Williams, LlamaJoy focuses on enrichment, learning and relaxation in the beautiful surrounds of the Onkaparinga River.

Book now to experience:

  • Themed Llama outings around town - diverse, tailored, catered.

  • Llama lifestyle demonstrations - textiles, soil enrichment, daily life.

  • Local Ceremonies with Llamas, adorned.

  • Local Deliveries in the pack saddles we will make

  • Llama manure for sale/exchange.

We walk on traditional Land. Always was, Always will be.
LlamaJoy respects this and all Elders.

Why Llamas?

They're pocket sized camels. Here's the back story:

In the 1990’s, a long slow journey came to an end as I walked down Nangkita Rd in Mt Compass S.A. with 17 trained Camels, a drover and his grandson. We had no back up vehicles or mobile phones. 12 camels were saddled up with our home-made saddles and 2 camels pulled the home-made chuck wagon.

This 4-month journey started for me north of the dog fence on the Oodnadatta Track in South Australia where some kind locals cooked roo tail in hot red sand overnight. I can still taste it. On this journey together we worked hard, survived and travelled well. At the start, 12 of the 17 camels were wild. They had descended from the Afghan cameleer days. Each of our Camels had a name – were very different to look at and had an independent personality.

In the business of LlamaJoy I would like to share a taste of simple daily life with the animals - how much they give us strength, warmth and protection and vice versa. I’d like people to connect with the Llamas and the local environment at a pace that is sustainable for all involved and reminiscent of the journey that helped me know how to survive.

Sherilee Williams | Founder, LlamaJoy.

Walking Steady | A moving song

I'm walking very steady, the sun is coming up. The colour of the new day, is filling up my cup. My feet are moving forwards and my heart is leaning back, to all of the mornings that have started like that...

I'm walking very steady, through Old Noarlunga town. The colour of the new day is filling up with sound. My feet are moving forwards and my mind is heading back, to Mary and her flowers and the place where she sat.

Colours of the new day, are filling up with sound.

© Sherilee Williams 2017